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Stay Healthy for the Holidays

It’s the time of year to be grateful, thankful and well, full. Or maybe being satisfied instead of full would feel better than having to change into our “Thanksgiving Pants” this holiday season? Here are some Healthy Dining Tips for the Holidays: Stay hydrated. Many people confuse hunger for dehydration. Don’t fill up on food […]

Will You Eat The Candy?

The Holidays are coming! For some, the dread of temptation of sweets and treats lingers, but they allow themselves one mini chocolate bar or one of Aunt Sally’s delicious Christmas Cookies. For others, the “it’s Halloween and I’ll just have one mini chocolate bar” turns into 2, then 3 and oh, what the heck, let’s […]

Feel Better with Keto: The Health Benefits of a Low Carb or Ketogenic Diet

Many patients at AcuCare Total Health have complaints of fatigue, non-specific body or joint pains, general malaise or “not feeling well”.  They have previously been to various doctors only to find after standard blood tests and physical exams that there is nothing abnormal in their report.  Dr. Renee McMurry proposes that these complaints can often […]

One Size Fits All Approach to Nutrition

True or False, John and Jane can eat the same exact diet and attain the same results? If you said False, because John is male and Jane is female, let’s try this one… True or False, Jane and Jill can eat the same exact diet and attain the same results? Hmmm, part of you wants […]

Functional Medicine Testing is Now Available

  How does AcuCare Functional Medicine lab testing compare to traditional blood work? Standard blood tests are designed to alert physicians when something is wrong or when a disease process has started.   Due to improvements in technology and doctors push to find the “why” behind many disease processes new blood tests are now available […]

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