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Will You Eat The Candy?

Candy Nutritional CounselingThe Holidays are coming!

For some, the dread of temptation of sweets and treats lingers, but they allow themselves one mini chocolate bar or one of Aunt Sally’s delicious Christmas Cookies.

For others, the “it’s Halloween and I’ll just have one mini chocolate bar” turns into 2, then 3 and oh, what the heck, let’s just eat 2 more! But then guilt sets in and what was meant to be a treat, turned into something forbidden.

Too many of us can relate to the “New Year’s Resolution Diet”, the “I’ll start eating better and get back to the gym in January” story we’ve heard a million times.

The story that starts with the one (or 5) piece(s) of candy in October, “because it’s Halloween”. To the, “now that we have ALL this candy from the kids trick-or-treating we can’t let it go to waste”, so we eat it or bring it to work. Or we’re the co-worker that didn’t buy the candy, but now that it’s in the office… might as well help myself!

The story continues with all the parties and holiday gatherings, potlucks where everyone is trying new recipes and since I don’t have to wear a bathing suit anytime soon… let’s just have an extra helping.

Then Christmas time brings sugar and sprinkles, candy canes and hot cocoa, cookie exchanges and party after party after party… and I don’t want to be that person who has the plate of carrots and mug full of water (#cansomeonesaygrinch) while everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves. So we indulge, without limits.

Why do we do this to ourselves? What do we restrict and then go overboard?

Do you know there’s a way to enjoy the holidays and treat yo’self without having to feel guilty or deprived? Did you know you can live a life that actually lines up with the New Years Resolution you made last year… and we can keep it that way through the holidays into the next year and beyond?

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Happy Holidays!



Holly Ruge
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
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